Flanged Thermowell

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Thermo well is a flanged or strung shut end tube that can be specifically mounted to the vessel or process, for shielding the thermocouple from process environment. We offer an extensive assortment of Flanged Thermowell for shielding temperature detecting components from high weight, consumption and speeds, which is available in a few mechanical process applications. Bored thermo wells are for the most part fabricated utilizing single piece bar-stock sans welds.

Flanged Thermo Wells incorporates stems, which is fabricated utilizing single piece bar-stock and has ribs welded onto the stem. We are putting forth the two styles in various physical designs, material, decision of bore sizes and mounting strings or rib sizes. This item is accessible in the market as discrete segment or as a piece of finish temperature sensor get together and these thermocouple is broadly applicable at the power, refining and chemical industries.

Features Of Flanged Thermo Wells :

  • Present day innovation
  • Ideal execution
  • Lower maintenance required

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