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"Raystek Process Instruments LLP” is stands to be one of the prime standing company in India and globally too for making and distributing the world class ranges of the Temperature Transmitter. Temperature estimation is the most well-known modern estimation duty. Due to the altogether different necessities we offer a broad program of programmable temperature transmitters. These gadgets convert warm voltages of thermocouples or protections of obstruction thermometers into simple yield signals or a transport convention. The Temperature Sensor in Ahmedabad is utilized to send the pennant from a temperature sensor, for example, a thermocouple or RTD, to an estimation or control gadget. The temperature transmitter opens up and conditions the flag created by the sensor before transferring it to the chronicle gadget.

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Temperature Transmitter Supplier in India

Temperature Transmitters can lessen clamor from RFI and EMI that may meddle with signals delivered by Temperature Sensors and enhance the precision of estimations. We are in a lead position as the well-organized Temperature Sensor Manufacturer & Supplier in India . Also we are eminent in the quality matters so our expert team is indulged to make the finer quality of product by using the better-quality range of resources.

What is Temperature Transmitter & How it works?

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A Temperature Transmitter is a critical component in industrial automation and process control systems. Its primary function is to convert the signal from a temperature sensor, such as a thermocouple or RTD (resistance temperature detector), into a standardized output signal that can be easily interpreted by control systems. The transmitter essentially acts as a messenger, conveying accurate temperature information from the sensor to the control room or central processing unit. A Temperature Transmitter serves as a vital intermediary, ensuring that the temperature data from sensors is accurately and reliably transmitted to control systems. By incorporating signal conditioning, linearization, and compensation, these devices play a crucial role in maintaining precision in temperature measurements within industrial processes.

What is the use of Temperature Transmitter?

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Temperature Transmitters are used to determine the temperature and switch it into a current signal of 4 - 20mA. These are extensively used in modern instrumentation system as they allocate extended cable to run in the instrumentation to control the system. They also carry out some signal conditioning function. These transmitters are used in every day for temperature control in buildings, water temperature regulation and to control refrigerators. The most well-known current estimate task is temperature estimation. We provide a wide range of programmable temperature transmitters because every need is unique. These devices translate heated thermocouple voltages or obstructive thermometer safeguards into straightforward yield signals or a transport convention. The signal from a temperature sensor, like as a thermocouple or RTD, is sent to an estimating or control device via the Temperature Sensor in Ahmedabad. Before sending the flag produced by the sensor to the chronicle device, the Temperature Transmitter opens and conditions it.

Advantages of Temperature Transmitters

  • Vibration Resistance
  • Low Cost
  • Highest Temperature
  • Fast responses
  • Electrical noise immunity
  • Less affected by environment
  • Best Sensitivity
  • Most Stable over time

Features of the Temperature Transmitter

  • Temperatures can be calibrated directly in Celsius
  • Appropriate for remote applications
  • Can be operated from 4 to 30 volts
  • Low self-heating
  • Low cost due to wafer-level trimming
  • Possesses a low self-heating capability
  • Operating Temperature range is from -55◦C to 150◦C.

Difference between Temperature Transmitters and Temperature sensor

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Temperature Transmitters

The Temperature Transmitter is the device, which connects to the temperature sensor to transmit a signal for monitoring and controlling purposes

The transmitter is the device coupled to the sensor which works to transfer the measured temperature into a signal so it can be seen, logged and maintained.

Temperature sensor

The Temperature Sensor is generally an RTD, Thermistor or Thermocouple sensor (as mentioned above), which will interface with a DCS, PLC, data logger or hardware display.

The device which measures or senses the physical temperature and transfer it into measurable units of electrical current, including voltage or resistance.

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Industrial Temperature Sensor Manufacturer

Our Vision

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We stick strictly to the quality norms We always looking forward for the customers complete satisfaction towards our excellent sensors because this is the reason for increase in the client’s lists for our company.

Quality Assurance

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Quality is the prime importance for our company as we like to deal with the good ambiance and complete satisfaction of the regulars. Every customer wishes to get the better quality and the durable product so that it can last for the longer time period. By looking to this, our well trained professionals are keeping the sharp eyes on the each and every procedures of manufacturing of the products and it continues till the dispatch of our offered products. Quality is the main tool through which our company is still in the lead position by since the 22 years of long industrial experience in this field with the massive accomplishment.

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Our Mission

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Our company’s main mission is to accomplish the major profit with the good industrial position and to reduce the imports and to increase the more numbers of exports from the India for the best Temperature Sensors and Transmitters.

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